Women’s projects in Tanzania: Together on the path to greater equality

The Engoitoi Epuan association campaigns for education, secure employment, fair pay and equal rights for Maasai women. Unique bead, natural leather and fabric products are created in 3 different projects in the north of Tanzania.

Need for action? Why?

Due to the following challenges in the project region, there is a need for action:

• Lack of educational opportunities (especially for girls)

• Climate change (e.g. drought)

• Patriarchal social system (e.g. forced marriage)

• Population growth & overgrazing

• Absence of trade relations

You will find additional information about local challenges in the individual project descriptions.

Sustainable development: from vision to implementation

Through our project work, we take on these challenges and contribute to the social and sustainable development of the region. We offer the following:

• Education and training opportunities for girls and young women

• Secure and fairly paid jobs

• Further training in craftsmanship, design and economic thinking

Find out more about on-site implementation in our 3 women's projects described below.

Long-term impact: What is changed through our efforts?

Our work makes a lasting difference to the lives of project participants. They mentioned the following points in our monitoring interviews:

• Ability to earn their own long-term livelihood and use finances sustainably

• To realise one's wishes in a self-determined way and independently of others

• Sending their own children to school

• Improved health care and a more balanced diet

• Strengthened resilience of the entire community towards unpredictable environmental influences

«Engoitoi Epuan brought me peace and freedom. Before, I always had to ask people for help. Now it is sometimes even me who may help others.»

- Nasumbat, Project Participant

Ethics meets aesthetics: unique craftsmanship in our projects

Unique, entirely handmade products are created in the 3 project regions. Whether elegant glass bead ware from Naiborgosso, unique fabrics from Arusha or natural leather products from Kitumbeine - our craftsmanship combines ethics and aesthetics!