Natural leather: A rarity to fall in love with

The animal skins are tanned by hand with a lot of patience and without the addition of chemicals and are then processed into different products. This results in rarities with their very own character.

Natural leather is more 'alive' than conventional, industrially tanned leather. Therefore, it is more prone to stains. If you want to keep the leather structure as even as possible, we recommend protecting your product from dirt and moisture with a leather impregnation spray.

Clutch - Stylish and elegant

Our clutch is very stylish. Carefully crafted from fine sheepskin, embroidered with white glass beads and closable with a magnetic button. This little bag has it all: on the outside, it presents itself as simple and elegant. On the inside, however, colourful African fabric beams at you.

L: 27.5 cm
W: 12.5 cm

Dog Collars – As unique as your four legged friend

Our dog collars are made of sturdy cow and sheep leather. The different embroideries vary in pattern and colour. They are available different sizes.

Size S: Dog’s neck circumference between approx. 30 to 35 cm
Size M: Dog’s neck circumference between approx. 35 to 43 cm
Size L: Dog’s neck circumference between approx. 45 to 55 cm
Size XL: Dog’s neck circumference between approx. 55 to 65 cm

Hair clips - hair ornaments par excellence!

Add an extra eye-catcher to your hairstyle. Our hair clips are comfortable to wear and easy to handle. Colourful and elegant at the same time.

Size: H 6.5 cm and W 8.5 cm

Key chain - Reliable and robust!

The small colourful key chains are made of goat and cow leather and are then embroidered with glass beads. Handy and robust, it will accompany you for a long time.

Size without ring: approx. 6 cm

Backpack - Ready for any adventure!

With attention to detail, our sturdy backpack is made of goatskin and discreetly decorated with beads. It can quickly and easily be closed with a leather cord and a magnetic button. The small pockets round off its appearance. Inside, a zipper ensures the required order and the interior lining with African wax fabric brings a portion of joie de vivre into your life every time you open the backpack.

Height and width of the opening 35 cm each

Small handbag – Always with you!

Based on an existing product, we designed this small but fine handbag made of goatskin. The opening casually bulges over the ribbon. Inside it is lined with an African fabric and equipped with a small zippered compartment. We like this bag best when frequently used ;-).

W: approx. 25 cm
H: 18-22 cm