Engoitoi Epuan Association

Our goal is defined by the meaning of Engoitoi Epuan, which translates to ‘the path to self-determination’. Specifically, our projects aim to strengthen the position of girls and women, improve the resilience of the entire community to unpredictable environmental influences and contribute to the preservation of traditional handicraft.

The beginning: How it all started!

The project ‘Engoitoi Epuan’ was launched in April 2019 by Sara Schälchli and the people of Naiborgosso. Thoughts were exchanged, designs tried out and new friendships built. Little by little, the initial project turned into an association - a matter of the heart supported by committed people on two continents!

Projektteilnehmerinnen Naiborgosso April 2019

The first project participants in Naiborgosso in April 2019

Hour of birth: An association arises!

The enriching experiences in Tanzania, the positive feedback from the project participants and the interest of the Swiss population in our products motivated Sara Schälchli to found the non-profit association Engoitoi Epuan in January 2021 together with the three board members Ueli Schälchli, Sybille Egloff and Lara Schaufelberger. The association is based in Zurich, is tax-exempt and non-denominational.

In the fast lane: From association to international NGO!

Our association is young, dynamic and full of energy. In order to secure our establishment in Tanzania legally, we are currently in the process of registering the association as an international NGO. This provides us with simple but indispensable legal foundations, such as opening a bank account or the right to own an object (e.g. the plot of land where the project house in Naiborgosso was built).

In addition, we are increasingly focusing on projects with a main emphasis on non-profit activities – even while still creating products (e.g. tailoring school).