Our bead items: Unique and perky

Due to the traditional background, the participatory development and the careful processing, our bead items radiate a very special, ethnically vibrant and modern-cool touch. Let our special and unique bead handicraft sweeten your day.

Coasters - Filigree Masterpieces

Our sturdy coasters are available in different sizes. Therefore, they are suitable as placemats, cup or pot coasters (no pans directly from the stove) or as home decoration. They are made of glass beads and nickel-free wire.

Coaster XS: diameter approx. 10 cm
Coaster S: diameter approx. 14 cm
Coaster M: diameter approx. 20 cm
Coaster L: diameter approx. 38 cm

Bowls - With love for detail

One morning, the project participant 'Narkisaronni' proudly showed me a small, colourful bowl that she had created the night before. This was the beginning of the product series of our versatile bowls. They are made of glass beads and nickel-free wire and are available in different sizes and shapes. Versatile - whether as a lantern or plant pot... let your ideas run wild!

Bowl S: diameter approx. 7 cm, H: 4-5 cm
Bowl M: diameter approx. 15 cm, H: 5.5-7 cm
Bowl L: diameter approx. 16 cm, H: 8.5-10 cm
Plant pot: diameter top approx. 15 cm, bottom approx.10 cm, H: 14 cm

Double bowls – Uniquely up in the air

We are constantly developing new product ideas. Starting with our popular bowls, we have created the hanging bowls. They may be used for onions and garlic in the kitchen, small flower pots at the window or other small things elsewhere in the household - the bowls up in the air are an absolute eye-catcher. They are made of glass beads, nickel-free wire as well as fishing line and come in different sizes.

Size: Diameter approx. 16-20 cm, H: 8-10 cm

Stars - The lovable spiky

Even before the start of the project, the Maasai women made these decorative stars. During the project, additional designs have been worked out together. The stars can be used as Christmas or window ornaments or as door decorations. They are made of glass beads and recycled raw materials (hard plastic from old water canisters and corn sack threads).

Size: 10 - 15 cm

Key chain - The faithful companion

The braided key chains are our latest creation. They are available in many different patterns and colour combinations, as well as in a long and short version. Thanks to the precise work and the strong nylon thread, the key chain will definitely accompany you for a long time.

Long version: approx. 9 cm (without ring)
Short version: approx. 40 cm (without ring)

Necklace 'Nomelenda' - Elegant and Smooth

The women stretch the strong fishing thread in rows on wooden boards. Bead by bead, a pattern is woven - there are no limits to the imagination. The resulting necklaces fall particularly elegantly and smoothly. They are available in different lengths and widths.

Short version: 40.45 cm
Long version: 90-95 cm

Necklace 'Nashaki' - regularity in precision

These necklaces are braided by the project participants Nashaki and Nema. The jewellery fits on the neck comfortably and is available in a wide and a narrow version. The length can be adjusted and the basic materials are glass beads as well as recycled corn sack threads.

Bracelet 'Mamai' - Harmoniously Decorative

The bracelets were originally designed and produced by the two project participants Mamai and Nashaki. The glass beads are woven together with fishing line, which gives the bracelet its supple flexibility and makes it fit the wrist perfectly. This bracelet is available in different sizes but cannot be adjusted in length.

Length between 16-21 cm

Bracelet Séèr - On the trail of traditions

The bracelets of the 'Séèr' collection reflect the traditional techniques and designs of the local Maasai. They are made from glass beads and nickel-free wire and come in different sizes and widths. Thanks to the replaceable elastic band used as a clasp, it is possible to adjust them to any wrist size.

Bracelet 'Napanu' - Sturdy and rustic

These bracelets, designed by project participant 'Napanu', are produced from recycled corn sack threads and glass beads. The clasp is composed of braided fishing line, glass beads and locally sourced, untreated cowhide. The size is adjustable.

Earrings - Where casual and chic meet

Our assortment includes elegant, braided earrings in the shape of drops, as well as more casual ones in a variety of shapes. The former are woven from fishing line and glass beads and the latter are formed from wire, sequins and glass beads. We buy the earring hooks in Switzerland and they are completely nickel-free.