The team behind the association Engoitoi Epuan

In order to realize the goals of our association, different people in Switzerland and Tanzania are passionately engaged in the projects. In the following, we briefly introduce our individual team members.

Director & Project Manager

Sara Schälchli Geschäftsfüherin & Perojektleiterin

«Where little pearls have a big impact.»

- Sara Schälchli
Director & Project Manager

For over 9 years I have been visiting the barren yet enchanting Lake Natron region of northern Tanzania to experience the remoteness and colourful Maasai culture. Through regular contact, close friendships have developed with resident families. After completing my Master's degree in Human-geography at the University of Zurich in February 2019, I decided to let my energy blossom in a local social project. My goal was to help the Maasai to more self-determination.

This intention gave birth to 'Engoitoi Epuan', a matter of the heart. The project reflects my inner desire for a world where quality of life, equality and individual freedom are given for everyone. With the project 'Engoitoi Epuan' I stand up for these values.

Be it project manager, participant, coordinator, buyer - it takes all of us to contribute to a sustainable future for the current as well as the next generation of local Maasai.

It’s my task at the association 'Engoitoi Epuan' to accompany and coordinate the development and production of all products on site as well as to work out, plan and implement non-profit projects. In Tanzania I live with the project participants and share their daily routine. In Switzerland, I organize the sales, carry out any administrative work and am the contact person for interested parties, foundations and buyers.

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator Kasino is the contact person for any concerns regarding the project in Tanzania. He buys the raw materials in the provincial city of Arusha and transports them to the project region. Together with the 3 project participants Nasumbat, Nema and Nalamala he is responsible for the functioning of the product manufacturing. In addition, he acts as a translator when the project manager is on site.

We are so happy to have this project. We have never done anything like this before.

- Kasino, Project Coordinator

Projektkoordinator mit Sohn Ailano

The Board of Directors

The board of Engoitoi Epuan consists of Ueli Schälchli as president, Lara Schaufelberger as financial officer and Sybille Egloff as creative assistant. They oversee the office and support the management in daily tasks.

Association President Ueli Schälchli
Creative Staff Member Silylle Egloff
Financial Officer Lara Schaufelberger

Ueli Schälchli, Dpl. Stream Engineer

Creative Staff Member
Sibylle Egloff, Kindergärtnerin

Financial Officer
Lara Schaufelberger, Msc Biology